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  About Us

We are happy to be your family hair care provider in the Brooklyn, NY area.  Our stylists and technicians are trained in the most current styles and techniques to ensure that you are ecstatic with your new look.  

At Body & Soul Hair Studio, not only will we give you a new style, but we will use only the finest products on your hair and nails.

From Cuts to Colors, Perms to Wraps, Waxing to Acrylics ... Our full range of beautification services are here to make you look and feel your personal best!

Please feel free to give us a call at 718-922-7764 to make an appointment or to ask a question about any of our services.

Two entrepreneurs of a fast paced salon noticed that a vast amount of their clients were suffering from one
debilitating ailment or another. As they were committed to enhancing their physical appearance, they quickly realized that beauty is nothing without your health to sustain it.  As fate would have it, very soon, thereafter, one of the partners took very ill and began a rapid downward spiral.  Undaunted by the diagnosis and prognosis of the illness, these women decided to fight back and rebuild not only themselves as a healthy duo, but to inspire and empower others to do the same. They began to educate themselves on everything pertaining to holistic health and self-regeneration.  Little by little, the wellness in the partnership was restored and it's been awesome ever since (that was 10 years ago)!
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